Policy and Procedures

Policy and Procedures


Coordination of Care Plan FY 15-16

Cost Allocation Plan FY 15-16

ME Annual Business Operations Plan FY 15-16

Network Service Provider Management Plan FY 15-16

QA Plan FY 15-16

SFBHN Procurement Plan FY 14-15

SFBHN Strategic Plan 2015-2018

SMHTF Community Reintegration Plan -Forensic and Civil FY15-16


Discharge Planning Packet

Coordination of Care Plan and UM Manual

SAM Supplement Forms

DCF Policy and Procedure for completing Incident Reports (CFOP 215-6)

GAIN Assessment Forms:     GAIN-I      GAIN-SS     GAIN M-90     GAIN-Q     VGNI-B     VGNI-CB

CFOP 215-6 Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS)

SAMH Database Access Request IRAS Request and Security Awareness Forms

Incident Report Form (print version)

SFBHN Request for Meeting Form

Residential Application

Residential Data Sharing and Consent Forms

SAMH Database Access Request Form Instructions

ODH Access Request Form

Fiscal Forms Template

Resource Manuals

Consumer & Family Resource Manual English

Consumer & Family Resource Manual Espanol

Consumer & Family Resource Manual Kreyol


Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Accounting and Financial Policies & Procedures

Audited Financial Statement 2011

Competitive Solicitation Policy

Contingency Transition Plan Between DCF and SFBHN

Contract Accountability Policies

CQI Plan FY 13-15

Data Management & Security Plan

External Complaint-Grievance Policy

Information Technologies Policies & Procedures Manual

Procedure for Scheduling Meetings in the Board Room

Protest Policy and Procedure

National Voter Registration Act of 1993-   Act      Statutes & Constitution      DCF National Voter Registration Act Guidance

Network Management Plan 2013

Request for Qualification (RFQ) Policy

TANF Guidelines

SFBHN Data Exchange Plan – B

SFBHN Fraud Abuse and Waste Prevention Protocol

SFBHN  2012-2013 Disaster Preparedness Emergency Management Plan