Marchman Act Forms

In accordance with s. 397.321(20), F.S., the DCF (Department) is required to develop and prominently display on its website all forms necessary for the implementation and administration of Marchman Act voluntary and involuntary admissions procedures.  Seven (7) forms have been approved by the Department’s legal office for publication, two (2) of which relate to voluntary procedures and the remaining five (5) relate to involuntary procedures.  The five (5) involuntary forms were published, effective July 1, 2016, on the Department’s Substance Abuse web page under the heading “Crisis Services — Marchman Act”.  The forms can also be accessed by using the following Internet address links:

CF-MH 4002:

CF-MH 4003:

 CF-MH 4004:

 CF-MH 4005:

 CF-MH 4006:

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