Research & Grants

Current Grants

SFBHN has a successful track record in enhancing the SOC by acquiring and managing multiple grants. These grants serve to assist in the transformation of our system of care while supplementing funding streams, integrating services, and/or enhancing best practices. These grants include, but are not limited to:

a) SAMSHA grant for System Transformation of Children’s Services – $9,000,000

b) $3.8 million Department of Health (DOH) for the integration of Federally Qualified Health Centers with behavioral health services

c) Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation for $1,233,948 to be used to develop and implement a first of-its-kind coordinated system of care targeting the needs of individuals with serious mental illnesses who are at highest risk for involvement in the criminal justice system and other institutional settings

d) SOC Expansion Grant through SAMHSA, a four year $4,000,000 grant to expand the Miami-Dade Country Wraparound Project (FACES)

e) CSAT grant for State Adolescent Treatment Enhancement and Dissemination, a three year $3,000,000. The Southern Region was designated by the State Mental Health Authority to represent Florida in developing system transformation, sustainability and dissemination services

f) Criminal Justice – Mental Health/Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant – $750,000

g) EBP training grant through SAMSHA for the implementation of Function Family Therapy (FFT)

In addition to the grants listed above SFBHN has collaborated or partnered with other stakeholders on several grant opportunities that enhances the system of care.